Wood Warren is a boutique investment banking firm focused on serving middle market companies throughout the supply chains in the Food, Beverage and Agriculture industries. Since Wood Warren was founded in 1991, the Firm’s mission has been to bring Wall Street experience, expertise and execution capabilities to middle market companies.




The bankers at Wood Warren have decades of relevant experience gained through completing more than 1,000 transactions with an aggregate transaction value in excess of $40 billion across a wide variety of companies ranging from software startups to middle market distributors to Fortune 500 food companies.  Wood Warren draws on its experience to develop customized solutions for each of our clients with the expectation of creating optimal results.


  • All of the Partners began their careers on Wall Street and worked for several of the most prestigious investment and commercial banks in the world.

  • Each Partner has in excess of 25 years of corporate finance experience serving public, private and family owned businesses

  • Over the last 20 years, the Partners have focused their efforts on middle market companies, which benefit from Wood Warren’s extensive experience.

  • The Partners' diverse experiences as bankers (investment and commercial), corporate officers (CFO and Strategic Development), principal investors (venture capital and private equity) and board directors enable them to provide their clients with a broad perspective on corporate finance and strategic matters.

  • During their careers, the Partners have advised companies on a wide range of transactions including venture financings, LBOs, IPOs, divestitures, acquisitions and debt and equity offerings.




Wood Warren has developed an expertise advising middle market companies in a variety of industries including food, beverage and agriculture on complex corporate finance issues, including capital raising and mergers and acquisitions.


  • The Firm works extraordinarily well with family and privately owned businesses as it has seen and worked through many of the unique aspects impacting these types of owners.

  • The Wood Warren bankers have wide ranging transactional expertise in capital raising (debt and equity), mergers and acquisitions (buy and sell side) and advisory services (strategic and corporate finance).

  • Wood Warren has developed far-reaching domain expertise in the food, beverage and agriculture sectors and has relationships with numerous participants in these segments.  The Firm's knowledge in these sectors enable it to provide in-depth insight to its clients and to close transactions more rapidly. 

  • The Firm has deep relationships with strategic buyers and capital providers, including banks, finance companies, insurance companies, private equity firms, mezzanine lenders and family offices. 



Wood Warren endeavors to achieve outstanding execution in each of its transactions.  We challenge ourselves to find the optimal solutions and to achieve the best outcomes for all of our clients' constituents.  The bankers at Wood Warren combine a unique blend of strategic thinking, industry and capital markets knowledge, quantitative analysis and attention to detail to develop a range of attractive solutions for our clients. 


  • The Firm is highly analytical and utilizes a set of tools to develop a deep understanding of each client to deliver the best advice based on the analysis, market conditions and our decades of experience in the capital markets. 

  • Wood Warren undertakes extensive due diligence of its clients and their industry sectors to position each company properly in the capital markets. 

  • By combining our quantitative orientation with effective marketing and a disciplined execution approach, we have demonstrated a unique ability to find the best solutions in the markets.

  • We have partnered with G.R Associates in Japan and The Chart Group in New York and Kuwait to extend our international reach.



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