Wood Warren provides mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and corporate finance advisory services to middle market companies.  Upon engagement, the Firm works closely with the senior management team, board of directors and shareholders to develop the appropriate strategies to achieve the optimal results for each client.  By combining extensive company specific due diligence with our capital markets and industry experience, Wood Warren is able to properly advise its clients regarding the targeted transaction.        

Wood Warren provides the following advisory services:





Selling some or all of a company can be one of the most important decisions shareholders and senior managers make.  Wood Warren encourages companies to speak with us regarding the sell side process, prospective buyers, market values and timing.  Selling some or all of a company can help achieve complete or partial liquidity for some or all of the shareholders.  Sometimes a company is best served with a new owner that has more resources to take it to the next level in an increasingly competitive environment.  Often times a sale can provide a graceful exit for shareholders who have different objectives and would like to obtain liquidity. Selling a division or subsidiary can make sense to create liquidity or exit a business that is no longer considered attractive for a company.



Growth through targeted acquisitions can be one of the most effective strategies to enter new geographic markets, acquire additional products, services, customers and resources, and accelerate a company’s business plan.  Wood Warren has advised companies on targeting new sectors, identifying specific acquisition candidates, approaching them on behalf of our clients, assisting in due diligence and managing the acquisition process through closing. Companies can benefit by making a single acquisition or a series of them through a targeted and long-term buy-side program.




Companies should frequently evaluate their capital structure to make certain they have adequate liquidity for short term operating needs and funding for large projects such as plant expansions, acquisitions, shareholder distributions or share buybacks.  The capital markets are dynamic and companies can benefit by refinancing in both the debt and equity markets.  By refinancing, companies can often improve their cash flows with longer-term debt securities, lower their cost of capital and bring in value-added investors who can accelerate a company’s growth and business plan. 


Wood Warren has an expertise in raising debt (senior and subordinated) and equity (preferred and common) capital and has numerous relationships with:


  • Commercial banks

  • Commercial finance companies

  • Subordinated debt firms

  • Insurance companies

  • Hedge funds

  • Private equity firms

  • Family offices

  • Venture capital firms

  • Corporations – strategic buyers / investors




Shareholders, boards of directors and senior managers sometimes need an independent and experienced corporate finance advisor to provide a persepctive on matters ranging from a specific transaction to strategic plans.  The Partners at Wood Warren have a diverse skill set and extensive experience working with companies across a variety of industries, stages of development and corporate finance challenges and can bring that often needed independent and seasoned perspective. 


Engagements can range from a few months to more than a year and from tactical to strategic.  By engaging Wood Warren, clients can supplement their own team and skill set on an as needed basis with the expertise required for the situation.  The Partners have provided corporate finance advice to companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500.  




While each service provided by Wood Warren is unique, the overall process from inception through completion is quite similar and includes the following components:



During the upfront diligence phase of an engagement, Wood Warren seeks to become extremely knowledgeable in all relevant aspects of a company.  We will analyze a company from a multitude of perspectives, including: industry, market, customer, competitors, strategic, and financial so we fully understand our client.  A critical component of our work revolves around quantitative analysis, valuation, timing, risk assessment and shareholder objectives.



Based on our understanding of our clients and knowledge of the capital markets, Wood Warren develops the appropriate marketing materials and market positioning for the company.  Wood Warren prides itself on creating informative and well drafted documents  - Descriptive Memorandums, Management Presentations - to highlight the compelling aspects of each client and disclose issues in the proper context so prospective investors and buyers are appropriately informed.



After working with a client to design the appropriate strategy, Wood Warren manages the transaction process, negotiates the deal terms and facilitates the closing on behalf of the client. Wood Warren believes in running a rigorous process so all prospective investors and buyers have the same information at the same time to create the best environment for our clients. 




All securities transactions are executed through Wood Warren & Co. Securities, LLC.

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